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Sankey Trailer override mecanism problems.

Ole Pars

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Is it possible to put a Bradley MH35 hitch on my Sankey trailer instead of the current SACOL wich is defect?

Are they interchangeable?

The Sankey is a: Wide Track FV2381. Former Reg: 21 GT 60

Alternatively, where can II buy parts for the SACOL override mechanism??

In other Words, will I Waste my Money if I buy one of these?



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Here is a short video of the overrun now after it has been worked to move Again. :-)

Two screws on top of pistoncylinder(Cant be seen as its inside housing) removed. No oil in yet.

Wich oil is the correct and how much should be in there??

When i fill the holes up to top, the piston is SOLID and cant move at all.


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