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Merlin Report decoding


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I can elaborate on two of the holding units;

TMP Ashford - Training Materiel Park at the Ordnance Support Unit, Rowcroft Barracks, Ashford, Kent

OSU Ashford - same location as above, might have been drawn from TMP for the use of OSU.


The TMP was akin to vehicle hire depot, when units needed extra vehicles for a scheme, or had some out of service they would draw what type they needed. Anything from a motorcycle, Land Rover to a 10 tonner or 14 tonner.

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Right, I'll give you my take on this and by the way, you're missing the final line of the MERLIN report which gives the disposal location.


1] Issued to TMP Catterick. No date, but probably it's date in service, so Dec 1980. Richard has already explained TMP & OSU.


2] This next one has me foxed. The UIN looks familiar, but I can't place it and I haven't access to my military terminal at present. It may be TMP Thetford or OSU Thetford. Wherever it is, the vehicle went there in April 1988


3] Not as stated, but 416 Vehicle Troop Royal Corps of Transport, located at Ballykinler, Northern Ireland. It looked after a large pool of loan vehicles issued to incoming units. The reason the unit is wrong is that MERLIN looks at the UIN and prints the latest unit title for that unit. Anyway, that occurred in June 1989.


4] In May 1992, the vehicle went to TMP Ashford ............


5] ..... and in Dec 1992 came under OSU Ashford.


6] June 1993 saw the vehicle at 19 Tank Transporter Squadron, now part of 27 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, based at Ward Barracks, Bulford. However, it might have been part of 4 General Support Regiment RLC back then.


7] Finally (I think as line 8 is not shown) the vehicle went to 127 (Sussex Yeomanry) Field Squadron, Royal Engineers (Volunteers) at Brighton in Jan 1994. This Squadron had not long been formed after a Strategic Defence Review. It was part of 78 (Fortress) Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers (Volunteers).


Your vehicle was cast in Dec 1997, but where it was sold on from has been lost in the missing Line 8. Probably Military Vehicle Spares, at Fradley, near Lichfield, Staffs.


Hope that helps



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Thank you both for taking the time to provide the very detailed info above its very much appreciated and great to know where she has been!


I had a look on Google and was a bit confused that every time I searched for 19 tank transporter sqdn I was getting 27 regiment back as results so thanks for clearing that up


I missed the bottom row from the initial post




As you say it was disposed of.

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