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Saracen suspension lubrication


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I'm trying to lube my suspension for the first time. So if I understand the manual correctly, there is:

[1] A nipple on the lower link bracket that lubricates the link pivots and shock absorber and bump and rebound damper mountings

[2] A nipple on the top of the swivel yoke that lubricates the outer pivots of the suspension links and the upper and lower pivots of the swivel yoke

[3] A nipple on the assembly bracket that lubricates the torsion bar sleeve etc


When I pumped oil into [1], I removed the blanking plug on the opposite end of the lower link and sure enough oil oozed out there OK.


Is there an associated blanking plug for [2]? When I pumped oil into this nipple it seeped out from an area directly adjacent to the nipple but not obviously from anywhere else, so how do I tell if the oil has reached the lower pivots and swivel yoke?


When I tired lubrication [3], I initially saw a build up of pressure at the rubber end cap on the torsion bar (which I then removed) but despite pumping more oil in nothing came out from that end cap area (as I believe it is meant to), but I could tell there was a lot of pressure between my oil gun and the nipple. I then tried removing the nipple to check if it was blocked only to find that the oil was under pressure and squidged out.


So my question is what an I doing wrong/how can I vent pressure as I inject the oil through the nipples [2] and [3] ?

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