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Found this, on my recent travels in the south of France. I`m guessing the frame on the rear is original, although the rear body work may not be. I would guess it has been here for some time by its condition. Initial appearance suggests it would restore with a lot of work. It is 740 miles south of Calais!!


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Nicely done cab transplant, I must say. Chevy 1½ ton cab is my guess. There are many of these "Bubbaized" mainly Dodge WC 51/52/62/63's outside old service/gas stations across France. Some better, and some worse. Many have had their gasoline/petrol engines replaced by diesel engines due to the high tax that historically was levied on gasoline engines in France.


I'd love to get my hands on a nice clean, not too worn out, with the 230 c.i. engine, WC62, to build a replica Cinemobile of the American Red Cross. These were used, one Dodge Cinemobile, to eight GMC Clubmobiles, around the battlefields of Europe post D-day.Dodge WC62 Red Cross Clubmobile.jpg


Goran N

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