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Ferret Parts Needed


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Hi MV'ers.


We will be over in England and France for the D-Day Anniversary. I am leaving today and will be staying with British friends before and after the D-Day festivities. On my many lists of things to find for various projects are Ferret parts. If you have any of the following or could point us in the right direction it would be appreciated.


The wish list

Jack and handle

Tow cable/chains

Paper Manuals

1919 MG Mount

Stove and cooking kit

Engine cranking handle

German Jerry can WWII vintage (nice inside) SS can would rock

British jerry cans

Jerry can pour spouts

Intercom setup for ferret

Periscopes for ferret

A set of 5 tires for the ferret 9.00x16



Also, please email me directly!




It is hard enough navigating these forums on the phone, plus I'll be in your country not mine so the rates will kill me.





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Buy a sim card when you are there (if your phone allows that), for 15-20 quid and you will have no problems, check with Marcus Glenn, he has most of your list. I have 4 good Firestone 9.00x16 run flats, they are not the exact type you want for the ferret, but will work, I took them off of my Humber Scout car after I found the correct ones.



Wheel brace

Tow cable and chains



Paper Manuals you can get from Ebay or http://www.shop.milweb.net

1919 MG Mount (was one on ebay last week)

Stove and cooking kit Ebay, tons the last few weeks

Engine cranking handle


British jerry cans Ebay US and UK

Jerry can pour spouts most UK militaria and ebay

Intercom setup for ferret










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