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Ferret Code Changes / Conversion Changes and Equipment Accounts


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Two examples of upgrades/updates


could someone tell / translate me what these Code /Conversion Changes mean

and what changes made ?



Ferret Mk 1 02 CC 30

in service BAOR and (SCOTS DG 1988-92)



Code Change 0110-4111 to 0112-4111 13/10/78


ODA Equipment Account BAOR 21/10/86


Code Change 0112-4111 to 0112-4001 8/2/88





Ferret Mk1 02 CC 31

in service NI and BAOR



Conversion from


Liaison Mk 1/1 (VHF) 0110-4111


Recce Mk 2/3 (VHF) 0130-4231 20/9/71


32 CENT W/S AΦC VEH A/C Repair 9/12/74


Conversion 0130-4231 to 0130-4000 1/3/82


ODA (Equipment Account) BAOR 18/10/84


ODA (Equipment Account) BAOR 5/11/87


Conversion 0130-4000 to 0135-4000 6/11/87







02 CC 30 ?

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At least these Asset Codes are easier to understand that the earlier 6 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits published in Equipment Regulations Pamphlet No.8 1964 Army Code No.14249.


They were changed to 4 digits + 4 digits in 1967 in the AC No.14249-6 as below



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In case someone spots it, strictly speaking I should have mentioned Asset Codes were 4 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits to be replaced with 6 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits in 1956. Then replaced by 4 digits + 4 digits in 1967.


Curiously 6 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits often continued to be used alongside the new Asset Code but now referred to as the NSN - which it ain't! But I think this is where an NSN had not yet been allocated or would never receive one.


Equipment Regulations Pamphlet No.8 1964 Army Code No.14249 continued to be amended up to 14249-7. Then in 1968 so heavily amended it became Army Code No.60293 below is 60293-2 amended in 1969.




Retention Class

R = Retention

NR = Non Retention = Obsolescent

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Thanks !




0112 . 4001


is it so that four digits tells

for example

0110. (first three)

is Scout Car Liaison Ferret and the fourth digit is for upgrades

for example

0112. ....




last four digits are for Mk and and Radio Equipment

for example

.4001 ........... it looks this is Clansman


is it so that ?


0112 . 4001 is Scout Car Liaison Ferret Mk1/1 ( F/F Clansman)

(+ 7.62 (GPMG) and NVS)



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Pekka published information on the newer codes is somewhat sparse. There was much more information on the earlier systems although more complex they were easier to understand & conveyed quite a lot of information.


Of the 8-digit code the first 4 digits form the Establishment Code Number or sometimes called the Vehicle Establishment Code Number. This defines its Establishment Name & normally remains with that particular vehicle for the rest of its life.


These are the codes used in establishing vehicle scales & entitlements. eg


0110 SCOUT CAR. Liaison


0130 SCOUT CAR, Recce

0150 SCOUT CAR, Recce/GW


The last 4 digits define the make & mark or model, for which I can find no list. The 8 digits taken together formed the Vehicle Code Number. At one time because of the data storage system VESPER it was referred to as the VESPER Code Number.


Nowadays usually referred to as Asset Code or Liability Code of the equipment which may be something other than a vehicle eg concrete mixer, generator, plant etc


This is sometimes prefixed with two letters. The first letter is the Equipment Management Code for the Equipment Management Branch.


The second letter is the Equipment Asset Type.(eg A vehicles, B vehicles etc)


Equipment Account I think is a stocktaking mechanism where assets & liabilities are in various Commodity Accounts such as equipment, misc stores, unit spares, accommodation stores, clothing, ammunition, POL etc.

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