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Usually you will find them buried in a lace-together binder that is an evolution of Regulations of the Equipment of the Army 1948 WO Code No.1782. These binders can host up to 16 separate pamphlets.


Many of these had a major revision in 1955 when the title changed to Equipment Regulations & some replacement pamphlets were introduced. I have four of these binders but all contain different pamphlets from different times & with different degrees of amendments.


Pamphlet No.8 that you are after was originally WO Code No. 11537 but in 1964 became Army Code No.14249. Although I have that, the contents were totalled changed in 1968 & then again in 1969 & designated Army Code No.60293. So I doubt that you will find a true 1964 edition because all of it was amended.


I think the reason for this massive amendment was that in 1967 Asset Code structure changed to 4+4 digits from 6+2+3 digits. Although there had been an earlier change in 1955 from 4+2+3 digits to 6+2+3


It's a very useful reference source & far too much to copy. But were there any particular pages you were after that I could scan?


So in summary I have the 1955 edition & the 1964 edition although the whole content of that was changed in 1968 & 1969

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Clarification of Asset Codes
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