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Jeep Reflectors


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i recently purchased a new 43 GPW restoraton prodgect and have been made an offer of £150 plus ford scripted reflectors for the ones that came with the jeep.

can anyone tell me why!?

that have MADE IN THE U.S.A printed on them and more writing on teh top with STIMSONITE printed on the glass.

there all in pretty good nick too.



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Hi Joe


It is almost impossible to find original scripted reflectors...yes you can buy good repro ones...but there are a lot of people out there who don't want original.


So if you don't need them, then sell them, they will help finance your restortation...but they will only go up in value.


F marked hood brackets are another thing that make really good money





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Its funny how things are worth fortunes to some and not much to others.


My Jeep came with incorrect data plates, someone at some time had just stuck some plates on for the sake of appearances. But they are CDLV505 plates, which probably means as much to you as it did to me. They came from a limited run of Willys jeeps made under a special contract (505) for the Canadian army. Mine are dated April 1st 1942.


I asked on the G503 site if they were all that unusual and a rough estimate to thier value and I got flooded with silly offers, one guy would pay me £225 plus a repro set of my choice. I have kept them as a backup incase I ever need a quick bit of cash....



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