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Land Rover Series 3 FFR


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Right being a hard up old brick layer i cant afford to stockpile 24v ignition parts so in the event of something failing i want a temporary back up so can i use a 12v condenser and how do i fit it and can i use 12v HT leads and how can i fit them to standard shielded distributor?

Also can you replace the copper wire in the leads, FV probably would have the answer to that.



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can i use a 12v condenser


Yes just use a 0.2mfd from a Series 2 or 3 Land Rover. Do not waste money on an expensive "24v" capacitor. Not only is it not necessary & very expensive, but most will be quite old by now & likely to be leaky.


These capacitors are rated at 500v they are there to absorb the back EMF from the primary as the points open. This will be in the order of 300v. It matters not whether the energising voltage is 12 or 24 volts.

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