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ONAN W2C Generator


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I bought this little gem the other day, nice little US Generator made by Onan, its a two cylinder side valve water cooled. the radiator even has its original honey cone radiator which is in very good condition. They fitted very similar generators like this in the GMC workshop trucks.I thought it might be nice to use for the power if I convert a shop van for living in at shows, i would build it on a slide out cradle.I will proberly do this as a winter rebuild, i have had it running and it generates electric.Howard

onan 001.JPG

onan 002.JPG

onan 004.JPG

onan 009.JPG

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Hi Sadly the little fella is not mine, I did a bit of research and found the pics on the net, I was curious to see what it looked like, now i know I will keep my eyes open, I think this one was in the US, proberly where you would find one. I meant to ask how is are friend Wayne getting on with that diddy Dumper, It looked like a nice project.

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:cry: If I was going to be picky it would have a housing just like this one - that came up for sale in the USA 4 years back.


AP4 8.jpg


I think I'll end up doing a cosmetic restoration on the one i have - it certainly won't run again due to corrosion but the casing could be rebuilt. In fact it there's nothing for it to do except make a noise and chuck out some smoke if it did run!


Wisconsin clinic.jpg


I'll have to encourage Wayne to get back to the dumper - he could have been using it by now as his daily transport, it'll do 25mph easy!

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Well after fitting new lights in the workshop, I decided to have a look at getting the little generator running. I did the checks plugs clean and check gap, fuel, points. anyway i soon discovered the timing was out, so after sorting this out i managed to the little gem to run. I attached a flood light and sure enough it came on.It appeared to use a bit of fuel, so on further inspection i found that fuel was getting into the sump the diaphram had a hole in it letting in fuel. With no new diaphram I made one from a piece of inner tube. Not sure how long it will last with this modern petrol.After draining the oil from the sump and fresh oil added I gave her another run, there is a small water leak on the bottom of the rad, a bottle of sealer was added a run for 25 mins and the leak fixed.I also noticed it was not charging on the DC side of the unit so I may take a look today if I get a spare hour or so. I get a great Deal of pleasure and satisfaction getting some thing like this running again. Howard.

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Well I had another look at the little generator today, i took the fuel pump apart and made a new diafram from a piece of inner tube just a a temp fix. I also tested the charging relay and found that there was a short in it. So i replaced the relay with one from an old truck control unit, After working out the wiring i connected all up and and after running it up it all runs fine and now charges the battery.Howard

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Well spent abit of spare time on the genny, it been stripped blasted and painted, renewed some of the wiring repainted the amp gauge.All back together and pleased to say running as she should.I do have to take the magneto apart to prep and paint that. heres a few pics.Howard

onan 013.JPG

onan 014.JPG

onan 015.JPG

onan 016.JPG

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