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bedford mw axle floodlamp and towing yoke pin

Danny P

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Does anybody know how the bracket for the axle floodlamp/convoy lamp on a late bedford MW looks like (dimensions) and how was it fitted to the rear cross member of the chassis (having two holes for the attachment)? Is the angle of the bracket pointing to the front (like this ┌) or to the rear of the vehicle (like this ┐)?


And what kind of chain is securing the towing yoke pin for a trailer coupling?


Pictures are welcome



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Thanks fellows, but the answers confuse!


I have a NOS Butler dif lamp but the fixed bracket on that lamp is not bent in such a way the lamp will pointing down to the dif when bolted straight on the chassis rail?


I mostly have seen nowadays pictures with the dif lamp on a bracket in many variants but like the picture of T Corbin is showing.

The "Bedford authorised service parts" book is mentioning a bracket along with two bolts for fixing the axle floodlamp (see picture below) but also with a remark "no longer serviced". Besides, the length of the bolts in that list is only 9/16 inches which implies the thickness of the bracket would be 3-4 mm remaining (very short bolts and thin bracket then???).




And what about the picture below?


convoylight and holes rear cross member.jpg


It is showing a relatively long bracket with the dif lamp. You can also see a clip with the electric cable just at the right side of the bracket on the rear cross member. That's the place/hole where the trailer socket is fitted on T Corbins picture.


With this information and the picture above I would say the bracket would be about 1 inch wide and only 3-4 mm thick. But what would then be its total length, and how is it bolted on the rear cros member (angle pointing to the front or rear)?


Who hooks up in this detail?

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I'm glad to see that the bracket is fitted with two bolts but the bracket itself has a strange shape to me. I now have seen several different brackets and still do not know which one is correct. Besides you have the trailer socket fitted where the axle flood lamp should be to my opinion. Oops, and now I see your bracket isn't in the middle of the rear cross member! So is this an extra bracket for the trailer socket? Increasing confusions!




Thank you very much for your help about the chains! How was your test drive today?

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