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CVRT Spartan Oil leaking final drive


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Hello all!


After some events and 50 miles more on the clock, my Spartan is leaking oil now on the right final drive. 3 hours after refilling, the oil was out again. The leak is between the rotating part and the bolted final drive casting.

Is anybody experienced in replacing the seal in the final drive and can give me some hints/advice?

(Disassembly, repair, assembly)

Or should i better have a look for a complete Final Drive?



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To replace the shaft seals you need to remove the final drive itself.


"Simply" remove track, front sprocket and main brake caliper. Disconnect quill shaft from gearbox output (near the centre of the gear box steering disc there is a spring loaded locating dowel- with the track removed move this to the the top, push it down and withdraw the drive shaft from the outside. The small top-hat cover in the middle of the hub needs to be removed first. The internal thread of the drive shaft is the same as the track pins if you want to make a puller for this task). The shaft will only move a small way to disengage.


Remove final drive bolts and using suitable lifting device/lifting platform/blocks of wood, remove final drive. When replacing the final drive securing bolts use a suitable dis-similar metals primer to prevent reaction between the steel bolts and the aluminium hull.


Alternatively if you only want to replace the outer hub seals, remove the track and sprocket and strip like a normal vehicle hub.

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I want to replace the outer hub seals on the final drive, but i can't surely indentify and find them for sale in the Internet. I would be very happy if anybody could help me to get all seals/gaskets needed. I want them before disassembling the final drive.

Can anybody give me a helping Hand?


Regards from Switzerland

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