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Jeep oil pressure


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As you may have seen from the topic timing marks I set out to put new gaskets on the oil pump ( as they say when your knee deep in alligators you tend to forget you set out to drain the swamp)

Anyway the motor in my Hotchy has the later type of oil pump with the three studs holding the topcover on plus the two thru bolts to the crank case. I found it easier to fit it back into the crankcase without the top cover it gives more room to get past the chassis rail and you can turn the internal rotor as you fit it to get it to line up with the camshft and distributor drive you can the hold it in place with the bottom stud which only goes thru the lower case while you put the top cover back on remembering to put the other rotor in first.

When you do this you cant fill the pump with oil to prime it before you fit it. Result on engine start up no oil pressure :-(. Short panic to turn the engine off before it goes bang.

I solved it by removing the oil feed pipe from the crankcase to the oil filter at the oil filter end and using a pump oil can pump engine oil back down the system till it filled up . Run engine oil pressure restored :-D


I know have clear swamp and the alligators have moved on.




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