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Does anyone know what size the fan belts are on a 2a/3 lightweight fitted with double belt pulleys and alternator 12volt??


ta Hardyferret :? :-D



Fan belt for GS & FFR: 535688 Belt, V, Endless, 0.5in wide, 40in outside

Belt alternator FFR: 538393 Belt, V, Endless, Matched Pair, 0.5in wide, 52in outside

Belt alternator GS: 587086 Belt, V, Endless, Matched Pair, no measurements given


I may have a 587086 I can measure.

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Jerry you asked for Series 2a/3 lightweight & what I gave you was from the IPC for S3 LtWt which gives the fan belt as 535688 for FFR & GS.


But yours is 2a? Looking in the IPC for that the fan belts are 535688 is for FFR but the GS it is 554389. Note the water pump (& not just the pulley) is different for FFR & GS.


When it comes to the alternator belts they are same for GS & FFR:

Belt, V Endless, Matched Set, 40 degrees, 41in long. 554389



I have a pair of NOS 554389 even tied together with the official label for a matched pair :-D

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Clive, here's the problem..


It is a Rover 1 GS so would originally had a dynamo. In the interests of having a battery that is actually charged have gone for a Lucas alternator, 16 ACR i think.

This alternator came off a series 3 GS, and has twin belt pulley,as does the water pump and crank pulley. When I got the Rover in had a tastefully fitted alternator of unknown make(Jap??) with the normal misaligned bodge bracket!! And using just one belt!

So what set do you reckon? The 554389 at 41" sound right I think, and are near to what I reckoned :-D


Regards HF :? :? :? only Solihull come have this many choices !! :|



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Jerry, I would set the alternator to mid position. then thread some "clothes line rope" around the pulleys & mark off the rope & measure it. Obviously if you measured how long is piece of string it would be too low as the narrow string would dig into the pulley grooves & not sit where a V belt would. See how the rope measurement tallies with the known available sizes or go to a commercial belt co & see what is off the shelf.



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