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GMC bearing part numbers

R Cubed

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This is a job I carried out 4 or 5 years ago.


The bearing part numbers are all Timken bearings and this set are for


The wheel bearings on a SPLIT AXLE truck:


so here you are.


Front axle.


Inner bearing nearest diff. inner part of bearing 33275

outer part of bearing 33472


Outer bearing nearest tyre. inner part 399-A

outer part 394-A


Both rear axles.


Inner bearing nearest diff. inner part 395

outer part 394-A


Outer bearing nearest tyre. inner part 387

outer part 382


Once I find the old ones I will confirm these are correct part numbers.




The next set are for the King pin bearings on the front axle:


These part numbers are for SPLIT AXLES and BANJO AXLES


There are 4 bearings ( 2 each side ) inner part 41125

outer part 41286


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