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Hoping this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of any good sources for Soviet/Warsaw pact military equipment, especially radio or comms gear, nbc and electronics?


I'm still gutted I missed out on what sounded like a "Holy Grail" earlier this year. I was told of a vehicle importer near Peterborough/Huntingdon that had a warehouse full of stuff similar to the above, but I kept putting it off due to being a 160 mile round trip. When I did go there I was told that it had all been sold for scrap a few weeks before, 5 skip loads of it for a grand. There were a few bits left, never used and mint in crates, and it just makes it worse if that was the typical condition of the rest of it :(

I have a fairly extensive list of stuff I'm looking for, I just hope I can find another place that has similar stuff for sale, or I might get lucky at W&P in a week or so!

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