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German vehicals desert paint colour

Lee perry

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A bit late in seeing this request, you've a number of choices, outside of Africa, it'd be in "Dunkelgelb" (Dark Yellow). The exact shade(s) of that is still hotly contested.




In North Africa, more options.


A good list here of all colours used.


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I just finished a book on Tiger I and Tiger II Images of War by Pen & Sword or something for an Arrse review. There are a few paragraphs on paint (though more the tins of cam paint to go on top of the Dunkelgelb base in the last couple of years of the war - the book debunks the idea that there was still regular production of tanks in Panzergrau once the Dunkelgelb colour was adopted mid-war).


It passed comment that as issued (I had also read this elsewhere previously) a tin of green, one of red-brown and potentially others with new tanks so that crews might cam up their own tanks as required, the paint was extremely thick and needed to be diluted. Petrol was good but in short supply. Water worked, but the paint was not permanent and washed off. The amount of thinner added significantly affected the shade of the paint, such that olive green could appear almost black.


A lot of information in a couple of paragraphs.


If you are a Panzer lover (I fear HMVF would not tolerate the term I'd rather have used, "lover of Panzer [rhymes with shorn]"), it is an interesting book that goes a long way to debunk the many myths about Tiger and all its variants.

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