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  1. Any ideas what it might be from??
  2. I bought this thinking its the front wheel from a welbike but im unsure. Can anyone tell me what its from. It has a dunlop tyre and inner tube. The inner tube is a red orange colour and there are 16 spokes on the wheel. if anyone has any idea what its from Id like to know
  3. Id like to bring it to Lacock but I doubt it would be finished as there is still a lot to do
  4. the front wheel and the back centre thing (I don't know what to call it)
  5. For anyone whos interested heres an update on my kettenkrad. Ive covered the front wheel so its now solid but there are still some details to put on it. Ive started the back thingy and attached all the seats.Me and dad are currently thinking about how to do the tracks.I might start putting the engine in this weekend if i have time, its a 12.5hp engine with a forward reverse thing on it so when you push the lever forward it goes forward when you pull it back it goes back. The engine was fast when it was in the lawn mower so the kettenkrad should get some speed.Oh and the holes with are going ar
  6. Whats the name of the desert colour used to paint German vehicles? I need to find out what colours in need to paint my kettenkrad replica when the time comes to painting it
  7. Hello again, I havent done an update on this project for a long time beacus ei ahvent had the time or the motavation to get on with it. But I have done some more work mostly to the front im still trying to sort out how its going to be powered but I think the best solution is going to be a garden tractor engine,gear box and axel beacuse they have a reavers gear and should have engough power to move it along. The next problem is going to be finding the garden tractor to rob the parts from
  8. There is one person in england who made a exact replica of a kettenkrad from wood and you really couldent tell the difference unless you look really closely. there is a company in america called Tankco who have started makeing near replicas of kettenkrads and there pritty good
  9. yes :cheesy: the picture was taken from the same angle as i took mine so it looked good
  10. ive driven down the road like it is and it turns fine but it dosent have the biggest turning cricle though:-)
  11. Heres my replica next or a real kettenkrad that was being restored. There are obvious difrences but iam makeing mine to be a near replica not a exact copy
  12. did alot more work to the body this weekend still more to do to the back but most of the front is done it just needs cleaning up :-)
  13. yes those are my tracks iam going to be using i will take some pictures of them there made of cast iron and iam going to put 2 together to make them bigger i made a little diagram of how my tracks will be set out i hope it works if not i will have to try something els it will give the impression that the kettenkrad is running on the tracks but will really be only running on the frot and back 2 wheels
  14. hello this is my first post on the forum (i think) even though i have been on here for months this is my kettenkrad replica i have been working on over the past couple of months. The picture is a old one i have done a few other things to it since this but i havent had much time to do work on it because of school but this is what i have done so far.its going to runoff a electric wheel chair motor on 24 volts and run on metal tracks i found at the scrap yard of some old farm conveyor belt. from Lee
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