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Military Land Rovers.

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Hello, my real thing is Series 1 Land Rovers of all sorts but I do have a particular soft spot for the military variations and have 80" British army, Belgian Minerva, 86" British army, 88" Civil Defence, but my most favourite of all are the 80" and 86" Tempo Land Rover of the German Bundesgrenzschutz (Border Police), which I am slowly rebuilding. I have owned the 86" for nearly 14 years, but it has taken me all that time to collect together all the extra items like First Aid Box, correct jerrycan, radio, wing-mounted loud speaker and all the tools and their clips. Soon I will begin to strip the paint back to the original colour (about five extra layers) and then put it all back together again. Tom.

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Welcome Tom, Series 1's are addictive I've had three the best one being an 86" RGC 515 ex Ministry of Supply which I did many happy miles in until in a moment of sheer madness and financial poverty I sold to someone who would have been better buying a sports car ! He wrote it off I believe within 3 wks of buying it by rolling it into a ditch >:( I would love another one but prices are prohibitive now especially as I spend all my available cash on my '43 Ford GPW jeep and my '41 Chevrolet G506 cargo :-) Maybe one day I will get another series 1 funds allowing. Best Wishes.

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