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Acmat vlra tpk420 sm3 gunship

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I wouldn't mind ripping mine down that far but only have a 2 week window for paint.


Any specific areas I should look for rot? Mine was painted around 8 years ago I think. The tray has some rot as had the box on it for a long time

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Many hands make light work. No real rust issues. Check under front Wings and rear bed for any hidden issues.


Many hands plus a sand blaster (I may have to see if anyone is around Duxford that can give it a blast.


yep I can see my 2 week trip to the UK to prep and paint mine to be a hard slog. Just writing a list for my mechanic so he can start of finding/fixing the problems.


What seats you got in the front and do they have lap belts fitted?


I like where the pioneer toolkit is mounted, from other pictures on Facebook

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Bring it to the War & Peace Revival in July and we'll give you a hand!!


I thought I might be there by then but time flies way to fast now, plus buying all the missing and or desirable bits has put a dent in my budget. Would have been sweet to do War and Peace. But so far still organising parts and haven't started on the mechanicals at all yet.

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