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ROC 300W Charger Set

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Hi Folks,


I'm just finishing off putting together a reference pack/manuals on this little set.

Need a little clarification on the electrical side of things.


My set came with butchered wiring and a missing fuseholder, so I pulled it all out and remade it appropriately/safely! :D

Has anyone got a set to hand who can tell me the: The type of fuseholder (pic would be nice) and the fuse rating?

Also, if anyone can be bothered to take the cover off the generator, can they tell me: Is the fuse in the live line from the diode pack and is the ammeter in series with the fuse or in the neutral return line?


It doesn't affect the operation, I would just like the circuit diagram to be accurate from a reference point of view.


I have the ROC Handbook available online, currently looking for a better copy of the Villiers manual (have a lead I'm working on), any other documents would be appreciated, happy to scan and return as necessary. I'll make the reference docs available to the forum when I'm finished!


Any info gratefully received. :D



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