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Deep wading trunks


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Sorry guys - another question for the heavies:


Believe me - I am confused by so many forum threads, pictures, explanations. Who has an answer to this?


How many deep wading trunks have the following tanks/AFV (in british service)?


- Sherman III

- Sherman V

- M 10 TD


I am sure this is a stupid and definetely not new question, but I need painting/conversion time and I don't have time for time consuming research. Sorry guys!





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Basically, those vehicles and most afv's in British service could be prepared for 3' wading or 6' wading. The Sherman VC could only be prepared for 3' as the gun got in the way of the intake stack needed for 6' wading.


Sherman III - intake stack above engine grills and exhaust stack with bevelled lower corners on the rear.

Sherman V - small intake stack just behind turret and rectangular exhaust stack on the rear.

M10 - similar to Sherman III but rear stack has square lower corners.

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