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British 18 ton trailer

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Imay be able to help the 18 ton 8 wheeled low loading trailer made by carrimore was similiar to the 20 ton crane but

smaller the carrimore details are as follows unladen 3 ton 16 cwt front axle rear axle3 ton 1 cwt gross 6 ton 17 cwt

laden front axle 12 ton 6 cwt rear axle 12 ton 1cwt gross 24 tons 17 cwt



length 28 feet 6 inches

width8 feet 6 inches

height 4 feet 10 inches


load space

12 feet by8 feet 6 inches


regards wally

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I may have a photo of the 18 ton carrimore I do have a basic line drawing of the carrimore as to the JAHN all i can find

is mention of trailer 5 ton 4 wheeled carriage of tracks The us army called it trailer full bed made by FREUHAUF I do have

its details if you want I ALSO have a 1/300 scale model containing over 100 models of all the types of ships that where off


the beach on june 6 th 1944 made for sir patrick wall RM MP who was on one of the gun fire ships controlling the shelling



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Hi Wally,


unbelievable! We are also working on a 1/300 diorama of Sword Beach. The goal is to show the assault wave 1:1 in vehicles and ships. What models did you use? Did you scratch-build them? It is not so easy because most of the vehicles/ships don't exists in the variants they used for the landings.

Here is our website which hasn't been updated for a long time as I was involved in my day-to-day job and concentrated on painting the ships/vehicles, etc.

In the meantime the ships are 80% finished and I start with the vehicles. My club mate is working on the table + the buildings. There will be an update shortly and that will give you a better idea about the project.


Do you have photos of your diorama?



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I did not make the model it was made by a professional model maker for sir patrick a second one was made for LORD

LOUIS MONTBATTERN i am not very good at posting photos but will try to get a friend to help to get some photos

posted of the model for you


regards wally

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