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Out playing with the stalwart again on Broxhead, we had some fun and had to winch her


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we were doing the hole at broxhead, no one could get through today but the stalwart did it with ease, so too a unimog but only the easy bit for the mog as it had a long body overhang and could not do the tight holes...]


take a look at some of the vidoes.




she eventually made the holes a bit slippery and dug a few ruts in the exits until she got a bit deep in one of the holes and had to be winched out using her self recovery winch....amazed that the winch worked as they are not the strongest and i did not use a snatch block to increase the load...


was a good day...

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the stalwart is great fun for playing, the clutch is a pain and the linkage gets a bit difficult to engage the gears when she is under load but with the jolly engineering ignition the engine runs a treat...

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I am not sure about the tyres, they are much harder than the bar grips, which give a much softer ride, clean better too in the really gooey stuff...but mostly I think she drives in dryer conditions better with them...


the winch was amazing and recovered me from a very sticky situation without the snatch block which i thought very special indeed.


was a fun dayfor sure and weather held up great

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