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DPM Combat Cap

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This week's other acquisition was a size 7 1/4 DPM combat cap. This was an eBay gamble that it would be big enough to fit me. Sadly not quite, so it looks like I need a 7 1/2 size one. (Join the queue I suspect...:undecided:)


I'm slightly puzzled as to when it was made. It looks like it's made of the earlier sateen material and has a pre-metric size, but it also has an 8415 prefix NSN which I believe is a post-1977 feature?




DMP cap markings R.jpg

DPM cap interior R.jpg

DPM cap exterior R.jpg

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These were introduced from 1972 onward......the old green cap was worn with the new DPM clothing prior to this........


All initial manufacture up to the late 70s was in the older heavyweight fabric (satin-back cotton drill, or "sateen" as it is often termed)........and the earflap lined in khaki (brown) shirting flannel.......by the end of the 70s some production went over to the newer cotton-modal fabric and the flaps began to be lined with green-colour flannel........


Sizes ran from a 6 (size 48) through to a huge 7 & 7/8ths (size 63) and went up in eighths.......NSNs ran from 8415-99-132-1841 to 1856 (plus 1857 for "special" size)........the "8405 v 8415" NSN issue only affecting the 1968 pattern combat smock and trouser during the late-1970s............


"V & E Ltd" is thought to be "Vero and Everitt Ltd"..........


The presence of the old "A/78 - etc" contract number is also indicative of 70s manufacture.........:-D

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