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Vehicle intercomm from Lidl


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If anyone is in need of an intercom for their vehicle and does not have the Military version already - Lidl are knocking a neat little system for motorcyclists that would do the job until the correct kit can be fitted!! Cost is £4.99


See http://www.lidl.co.uk/uk/home.nsf/pages/c.o.20070308.p.Motorcycling_Intercom_Set.ar2?OpenDocument&resetFilialDaten=1&id=471&zipcode=IG1%201NJ&city=Ilford&city2=&street=Ilford%20Retail%20Centre%2C%20High%20Road&ar=2&EMID=09500E3034SDG2OUV2VMF00BSNTB0


(Hope I got this in the right section of the forum!)

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Thanks for posting this Neil . They were out of stock when SHWMBO went first time but she managed to get us a couple of sets last week . Now my deaf bruv should be able to work out what No 1 daughter is telling him (Probably " You're driving on the wrong side of the road again Dad") I don't scare easy but .......sitting in the co pilots seat of a left hooker when the bloke driving really wants to be on my side of the road ......

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