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Brockhouse or Sankey? help wanted

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I've got since some years this trailer :https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101555696440217792827/albums/5858854461660187025


and need some help to find some parts and rebuilt brake system...


Help welcome...:embarrassed:


ID plate:


N°....... MK 2 CONT N° 6/VFH/3891/CB28 (b)

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Its a 3/4 Ton Mk2 Narrow-track Tropicalised (sealed against the elements) Sankey.


Trawl the web, there are lots of parts/operators manuals out there.


Brake parts can be tricky.

Linings are best to be re-lined, if the drums are badly scored they can be undercut the bare minimum to get to good metal and oversized linings fitted, but this is a last resort. Otherwise its making up your own linkages and sleeving actuator blocks etc if they are badly rotted.



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From the pictures it's an FV2301 Mk 2 and rated at 1/2 ton, not 3/4. The designation plate will tell you more if it's carefully cleaned including the maker contract number and registration number. The maker could be Sankey or Brockhouse, they were virtually identical.

Some brake items are the same as Champ and there are quite a few bits around. If you need new drums see ebay item 181054036564. FV14361 are Champ drums.

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