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Last November started with the restoration of the two ww2 GS trailers.

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Hi Gentlemen,


Casting of the cleats sounds interesting. I own a Mortar "project" too, and one of the items missing are these cleats.

So you can sign me up for a set.

If we can find more enthousiasts, this may help to get a nice price ?


If I can be of any assistance, keep me posted,

Regards, Egbert

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Managed to find a foundry who are quoting a lot less than the one Tony has used, to either cast in iron or brass/bronze, so I need to borrow or buy a cleat from someone to have a batch made. (I've tried the same foundry that Tony used but in vain and as Tony said, they are very pricey ....)


So far at least one person expressed a desire for a set as well as myself (Jeepjes on this thread for trailers)


I'm hoping to get the iron ones for around £5 each and brass/bronze for £7 (depends which set we want and how many we order, and I'm not sure that these come de-burred and drilled at that price),


As there are 16 per trailer, you can see the costs mount up, but at least the trailers would look original......by the time you've spent the money on the timber and everything else, why skimp?


Contact me by 15th December if you need any and I will start the final negotiations with the foundry, who want to see an example before they give me the final price.



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