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1960 pattern dpm smock and sas windproof

boots dms

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Couple of items I could,nt resist , even though well worn and repaired in the case of this 1960 pattern dpm smock size 2 (james smith and co .)This fills a gap in the collection until something better comes along (finances allowing.).I really like these first pattern smocks,both in design and colours.This has a new zip fitted and is well battered including a couple of patches and what appears to be a long slash repair to the back.I know when kit was handed in if it was deemed unusable it was common practice to slash them and class them as rags ,therefore un reyclable or re sellable.Having said that in the seventies combat clothing seemed to be reissued over and over and repaired constantly before replacement , unlike later when it could be more easily replaced.




Also got this at the same time ,I know unremarkable,but even so a nice probably early nineties smock combat windproof , sometimes referred to as an sas smock.This was an issue item and has a ct number as opposed to makers name.I know these were popular private purchase items and prefered to the arctic type with wired hood.Does anyone know were these only issued to special forces(hence sas smock) or were they issued to any other units also for whatever reason.I know the arctic version was intended for winter warefare (norway) but was used in virtually every other theatre (unofficially).Anyway couple of nice additions to the collection for a very low price.Ha Ha.



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The DPM 60 smock, well washed and worn, shows the typical fading and stark colour appearance characteristic of the early DPM printed on satin-backed cotton-drill of the time.........I like 'em like this......:-D


90's issue windproof smock............the August 86 MoD QM list states that the "SAS" version of the windproof smock (and trousers) - the rank tab-less, non-wired hood version - "SAS - not for general issue".............so, whilst the old WW2, 50s, 63 patterns, etc, WERE "general issue" items for all when required, not actually "SAS" garments, it seems the later smock and trousers, introduced from 75-76 onwards, WERE actually specific SAS garments according to the QM lists.................however, the similar arctic windproofs were a general issue item for specific usage by all..........

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Both up for sale already I see?


Yes afraid so , got to have a bit of a clearout so last in first to go.Having been made redundant three times in the last 8 years and now only part time working I can,t seem to warrant keeping all this kit.These two items I aquired recently,the first for ages, will probably flog off some more pieces soon,although I don,t really have a large collection,plus her indoors was,nt to keen on me keeping these.Shame really but thats life.

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