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Single/Two line Air Brakes on a trailer



I have a trailer which is czech army. It has Single Line airbrakes.

Could any body point me in the direction of some information on this system? Which I assume would be Eastern Bloc. standard for the '60s era.

Anyway as I remember from experiences with a Praga a while back; the service brakes on this worked in a pressure to apply the brakes fashion; that is non fail safe. They did fail regularly due to leaks various.

The trailer has a reservoir in the system; which would suggest brakes would come on when the line pressure in the single line dropped in a fail safe; railway brakes fashion.

However I would like to use the trailer with a tractor with Two Line trailer brakes. Any thoughts on how this might be achieved? This isn't my field really. I think I need to modify the existing to a Two Line set up or would one of the couplings on the tractor have the effect of a single line?

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