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RAF Aircrew Parka on Ebay


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Now ended, but did anyone view that RAF olive-drab extreme cold-weather parka on Ebay that ended yesterday ? Korean-era.....No labels, but a good size with a belt and near-new......I was going to bid, but missed it due to luncheon arrangements taking precedence......:undecided:........but glad I did, as it went for around £107......!!! :D


Still nice tho........:-)

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I did see that - they are beautifully made parkas. The majority I have seen recently seem to be missing thier labels though - not sure if that is anything to do with them being desirable and therefore making it out of the back door of the stores in the 60s and 70s :D.


I posted a few pics a while ago of an NOS RAF parka I picked up in a size 8. Iirc correctly I don't think I paid more than about £45 for it. That is the issue with eBay these days. Some items seems to go for crazy money whilst others seem to struggle to get a similar market price.....the 1960 Patt size 9 smock that sold a couple of months ago for £375+ is proof of that, whilst I have seen others struggle to make £75!

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