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strange request for help


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This might sound a bit odd,deos anyboby know Gordon he lives in the rugby/southam area and has atleast two humvee`s and quad`s etc.I was suppossed to get in contact with him when i returned from my holiday.I changed my phone from pay as you go to contract and the sales assistant transfered all my numbers etc for me(not very good with phone`s etc).What i didn`t know until i returned was they hadn`t all copied/migrated and i am missing a few.If you do know him or you are reading this(gordon) please can you drop me a line with your number on.I have asked everybody i can think of and they all know him but had no contact details.This was a last resort and if this deosn`t work i will have to wait to stoneleigh as he is normally there.

Thanks in advance Simon:)

(Blue usaf dodge m37)

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