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RAF Cosford


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Nipped down to Cosford today, mainly to see the Conservation Centre open day (week!!), didnt take any piccys in the conservation centre, to many signs saying "personal use only!" would have been tempted to put them on my f/b picture page!!


Took some more of the main museum tho lol.


I didnt realise, till somebody told me, was that today 15/11/13 was the press day for next years airshow, so they lined up 3 Jags and a Harrier GR3 for the assembled press to photograph. Another pjotographer told me that some aircraft were supposed to fly in for the press release also, but as Cosford was shrouded in fog.........


Anyway, some piccys taken over the fence for you delectation and delight!!







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Are they the old Lincolnshire land sharks? I see the back Jag is a 6 Sqn badged jet, I remember watching them taxying out for the last time before we quickly pushed our Typhoons in so they couldn't come back!!!


Anyone know what happened to the old Harrier GR3 from Cottesmore gate? The 3 Sqn gate guard is now at Conningsby on 3 Sqn Typhoons site.

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The Cottesmore GR3 went to the Air Traffic Control centre down south (Swanick - sp?) as gate guardian.


The Harrier in these photos will be part of a large ground display that is inclusive of military vehicles at the 2013 Cosford 75th Anniversary Air Show. .....and I need some Bedford MKs and a Unimog to complete the set piece.

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