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Sources of large rubber bellows gaiter



Dear All


Does anyone know a reliable source of large rubber bellows gaiters - the one for the steering damper on my Simca Marmon SUMB has split and will be an MoT failure unless replaced (it's registered at 3460KG and the MoT expires before 18th Nov, long story). Most of the "universal steering rack gaiters' on e-bay are advertised without dimensions and the ones with stated dimensions are too small. I had a chat with Kerry at R&R and he has sold out of new ones :( so I need to search elsewhere.


The Bellows dimensions are




  • Length at least 180mm - I think it is fairly compressed in its current position and could go to 250mm
  • Outside diameter 90mm across bellows ridges
  • Ends 60mm o/d probably around 55mm i/d equal sizes



Any suggestions gratefully received ! I will do a photo of the offending item in daylight tomorrow






PS to Moderators do we need a parts and consumables topic to hold queries like this one ?

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Thanks Both ! I had found the Halltech site but I think they are in Germany so it will take a few days more - they do seem likely to have what I need at:




I would never have thought of the hydraulic ram people - although I think from their site they only do repairs & refurbishment and wouldnt just sell me the rubber I need


I have ordered a motorbike front fork bellows off e-bay for £15 as a first go which seems to be nearly the right size and if that fails I will try Halltech



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