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Hello everyone


As an ex serviceman I have an avid love for all things military, and as an ex service mech' my first love is vehicles and engine driven equipment.I recently spent 2 years working with the Husky TSV vehicle for the manufacturer,Navistar Defense, preparing the monsters for deployment to Afghan'. At the moment I am limited to learning as much as I can about the world of restoration and ownership of said equipment, but would hope to progress into getting a vehicle of my own.

I live in the Cirencester area of Gloucestershire and would be interested in assisting in any form of project to to with military equipment , so give me a shout if you can accomodate the yearnings of a bored mechanic. I have my own tools, a 'military' sense of humour and can make a brew.


Cheers all, Clive.

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Hi Clive, as Tony B said, offering help can be dangerous. I innocently volunteered for my current project about nine years ago and now I'm stuck with it!


Seriously though, since you're near Cirencester you're right on our doorstep. We have a large lump of engine driven equipment, namely the RAF Bristol Britannia aircraft at Kemble (aka Cotswold Airport), and there's plenty of hands-on opportunities for people of all skill levels. Ex service mechs will be considered far too valuable to make tea! We also have sundry bits of equipment, such as ground power units, in need of loving care.


Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll arrange to show you around (beer/tea bribes may be offered).




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