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Hello Everyone part2


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I have been interested in Military Vehicles for some 8yrs and have just

finished the restoration of my Ford GPW Jeep, it has taken some 8 1/2 months

for a wheel up restoration.


And whilst I was restoring the Jeep (it was totally stripped down), a vehicle came

on the market for sale which I could not miss, as I had been looking for one some 4yrs

for one. a Dodge WC12.


The one thing about the dodge it had be totaly rebuilt some 8yrs ago, and will need

little to do to make it ship shape again.


Both my sons are now taking an interest, and my eldest son Scott has helped me alot

with the Jeep.


I have possible have iron in the fire with another vehicle, so we all have one to drive.



That a little insight about me and my sons

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