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Mystery Emblem ??


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A friend of mine, Rich Welsh from Holly, Michigan U.S.A , found the following emblem on his early M2 half-track during it's restoration:


width=576 height=432http://www.surfacezero.com/g503/data/500/M2_front_emblem.jpg[/img]


Underneath the markings shown in this photo were the letters U. S. A. painted in the center of the armor plate, much wider and with periods after each letter. Finding out what unit used either marking is the clue he needs.


So far our best guess has been a wargame marking? 4th Corps has already been discounted because their similar insignia is only two colors, white and blue. The yellow surround may be significant, meaning either 1942 vintage, or cavalry? You may have seen a photo like this in a magazine a couple of years ago, for it was in Army Motors No. 107, no responses were received from the article.


Any thoughts, help with other leads, or any information about this emblem would be greatly appreciated!



Ron Leatherman

Albion, Indiana U.S.A

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Thanks for the reply.


Yes, this is a re-painted duplicate of the original insignia that was found there.


The original insignia(s) were documented with a standard film camera and measured in detail at the time of the restoartion (almost six years ago).


If anyone has any clue as to what the insignia stood for, please let us know! Any lead will be greatly appreciated!


Best Regards,

Ron Leatherman

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