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20th January 1942


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Wannsee Conference.


On this day in 1942 SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich held a 90 minute meeting at 56-58 Am Grossen Wannsee, a villa in a quiet residential street near the great lake of the same name, not far from the popular Wannsee beach.


The meeting minuted by SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann (Head of Referat IV B4 of the Gestapo), was to change the world, and 11 million people were to feel its effects. The meeting was recorded as the “Wannsee Protocol". It became known as the Wannsee Conference.


A decision had been made to the "Jewish question." They were simply to be “evacuated to the East."


Years later we would come to know this decision as the Final Solution or Holocaust.



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The minutes recorded there are very harrowing:


Approximately 11 million Jews will be involved in the final

solution of the European Jewish question, distributed as follows

among the individual countries:


Country Number

A. Germany proper 131,800

Austria 43,700

Eastern territories 420,000

General Government 2,284,000

Bialystok 400,000

Protectorate Bohemia and Moravi 74,200

Estonia - free of Jews -

Latvia 3,500

Lithuania 34,000

Belgium 43,000

Denmark 5,600

France / occupied territory 165,000

unoccupied territory 700,000

Greece 69,600

Netherlands 160,800

Norway 1,300


B. Bulgaria 48,000

England 330,000

Finland 2,300

Ireland 4,000

Italy including Sardinia 58,000

Albania 200

Croatia 40,000

Portugal 3,000

Rumania including Bessarabia 342,000

Sweden 8,000

Switzerland 18,000

Serbia 10,000

Slovakia 88,000

Spain 6,000

Turkey (European portion) 55,500

Hungary 742,800

USSR 5,000,000

Ukraine 2,994,684

White Russia

excluding Bialystok 446,484



Total over 11,000,000



Yes it included 330,000 from the UK. Such Ayrian efficiency.



There is much info to be found for a "Wannsee Conference" search.




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