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Dimaond T 980 battery


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Hi Guys,

I am rewiring our Diamond T 980. Now i have a question:

In the wiring diagram there is no battery attached direct to ground.

In the old wiring there was one battery conected to ground?

Does anybody have his T rewired an can help me?




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Would this be an ex British Army T? Didn't the British Army have all lights etc using neutrals returning to the battery instead of earthing to chassis, so the chassis was not 'negative live'? Perhaps something to do with radios? Rewiring using earthed neutrals would be so much easier :-)

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hi remy, the earth lead for the hercules and the rolls conversion is from starter direct to the chassis, the hercules was designed as positive earth and the rolls c6 was negative earth. what is the problem with your earthing? , hope of some help, all the best tony g.

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Hi Tony,


We make only 12v and 24v system. No 6v.

There is no manual system to stop the engine is it?


Hi Remy,


I think the manual stop which Tony refers to is a basic cable pull stop such as was used on series 2 Land Rovers etc. A common place to put this is where the hand primer for the flame thrower would sit (not needed anyway if you have a Rolls-Royce or other replacement engine).This is far simpler and therefore more reliable than the solenoid. However I currently use the solenoid with 12 Volts without issue. I have re-wired but not used the original wiring scheme, preferring to go my own way (with returns going straight back to the battery via a terminal block arrangement) as I have added a few extras and use 2 Type 629 commercial batteries.


Interestingly mine was re-wired by the Italians in the '60's and the regulator box clearly states negative ground.


Hope this helps,



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