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Hello from Norfolk


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Hi my name is Mark also know as Chaz and Tigger (seem to collect nicknames). I am ex forces having spent 24 years as a Sapper in the RE (1983-2007) just wish we had decent digital cameras for most of that time :(, lost nearly all my service pics on 35mm.


I have a penchant for AFV432 and the 14 Tonne TM having spent large amounts of time with them and getting a appreciation for their finer points, also developing a love for Bridging at the moment (which is strange as I hated building the stuff when serving).


I have been trying (unsuccessfully) for the last 4 years to convince my missus to buy me a Mk 2 biccie box (AFV 432) but I live in hope, the latest tactic was to ask for a model tank (she agreed) and showing her a 1/6 scale Comet and pointing out a 432 was cheaper, never worked.

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