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I have been on this sight a while but this is my first post.


Would anyone know to how similer the willson box is in the dingo, ferret, saracen, salidin and fox? My dad had our dingo box rebuilt a few years ago and im sure it has two second gears in rather than first and second! also would anyone know to or have any manuals for the dingo?





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Hi Paul


The dingo gearbox is not used in any other vehicle, the nearest equivelent is the 1949 DB18 daimler saloon car, but this is also differant becuase it includes a reverse gear.


I have a large stock of gearbox parts if these are needed to sort out your problem. And can sort you out with a copy of the manual if you have not bought one already


drop me a email or PM.







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Do excuse my stupidity wouldn't the gearbox befitted with brake bands for each gear and a fluid fly/wheel


yes it works exactly the same way as a ferret:


Engine, fluid flywheel, then a 5 speed Wilsonpreselect gearbox with 4 separate bands to stop the outer drum of the 1st,2,3,4th gear spinning etc, then a separate transfer box that alsoincludes a forward/reverse gear.




thinking about it, i consider it unlikely that the gearbox was rebuilt with twonumber 2nd gears, as i don’t think they will fit on the main drive shaft ( icould check as i have a complete gear assembly sitting in my garage).

If it appears that there are two 2nd gears, iwould bet that the selector operation is not set up correctly and the 2nd gearis not actually being selected despite what the level says.


This can easily be checked.


Remove the whole of the floor panel at the back of thecar cabin (not the part under the fuel tank) and expose the top of the gearbox.

Remove the large rectangular inspection plate from thegearbox which is held by approx. 13 bolts.

You will now see 4 mechanisms that hold the gear brakebands.



Select 4th gear, you will see the relevantmechanism move to grip the gear drum

Do the same for 3rd and note which mechanism moves

Same for 2nd

Same for 1st

I bet when you select 1st or 2nd the mechanism is not moving.


it should be noted that the top (5th) gear works differantly and has no brake bands.


To get it to operate you need to play with the adjustment to the lengths of the rods connected to the gear selector, adjust the gear rod linkage below the floor where it links through the chassis.


You can adjust these a bit at a time untilyou get all bands engaging for each gear.

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