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'Twin' Mustang being restored for flight


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Cheers N.O.S just wasted yet more time on the PC! I found that site a long while ago and had totally forgotten about it until now.


What a great a project being undertaken by a legend in the warbird industry. I can remember meeting Tom Reilly at his workshop/museum in Florida a long while ago. In fact it was a quarter of a century ago!! He was undertaking the restoration of B-17 '909' and numerous other projects were in the hangar, P-40, Corsair and several others. In the yard lay the sad remains of a B-24 along with the hulk of a Navy priveteer, which I guess became the B-24 'Witchcraft'.


I purchased an A-10A oxygen mask in it's original box for 5 dollars and still have it in my collection! Anyway I must log the site in my favourites and look forward to bseeing it fly in the future.

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I met up with Mr. Reilly at his restoration facilitiy at Douglas, Georgia back in January and saw the progress he was making on this XP-82. He is doing it on behalf of the consortium that own and are financing the return to flight of this rare aircraft.


As exciting as it was to see it, Don Brooks second B-17 restoration project will not leap forward at any great pace until this Twin Mustang project is finished, so as far as i'm concerned, I can't wait to see the beauty airborne !!

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