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Reason for a holiday in Poland!

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Get a load of this lot!

"Oldtimer Militaris"


II International Miliatary Show in Panzer Farm in Chrcynno near Nasielsk (Poland)

Everything from battlefield dig finds (I hope all those mortar bombs are inert!), through chunks of StugIII, Sdkfz 222 (?), T34/85, M8 Grayhounds, BT & T34 turrets, through restored softskins, a few WW2 Russian tanks (T34/85, ISU152 ARV - that's a rare beast), artillery pieces, a RR Meteor engine (Anyone restoring a Comet & needs one?) to modern AFVs & a pretty good Panther replica on a T54 (?) chassis. A Ferret, M4 HST project, etc, etc!


Just a taster!







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