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Advice needed on camo paint...


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Forum members..


I am looking for some help and/or advice:


I am intending to paint some ‘accessories’ (deact. rifles) in a two-colour camouflage paint scheme. I am copying a particular 1970’s period context in which the paint used on rifles was the same as that used to camouflage the vehicles, i.e. vehicle paint.


Someone in the United States has already gone to the trouble of getting the colours matched properly and this is available as two codes of Dupont Centari paint. I have had the offer from a contact over there to send this paint over to me, however it transpires that it is classified as ‘Hazmat’, and my contact can’t find anyone who can ship it. So, firstly, does anybody have any experience of shipping / importing ‘Hazmat’ paint, and who can advise me how I might go about this?


Alternatively, are there locally-based (i.e. UK) dealers of this type of paint (Dupont), that could make this up from the available codes? This would obviously be a far easier solution to avoid needing to ship it, but I’m not sure whether this is a brand of paint that is only available in the United States?


The third option is to have the paint matched by a paint company here, although having tried this route previously, I wasn’t especially impressed with the results, and I would prefer to go with something where I know the colour-matching has already been properly sorted out.


I’d be interested in any thoughts / views of forum members who have been there / done that..


Cheers, Neil

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As far as colour matching goes my local Dulux Colour Centre is spot on. They also do sample pots for a fiver of your mix, That was enough to do the windscreen frame and dashnoard of my WC54, and the diffrence to the older paint is neglible. The stuff I'm using is Metal sheild Satin finish, but you can always use a Matting spary.The formula/mix code is on the tin so I can get more mixed. Enough to do a Dodge is about £56.

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Dupont codes are usable around the world. It may take a bit to get the formula out of them tho.. Automotive formulas are measured by weight and not quantity of tinter measured in a liquid quantity such as litres.


I would certainly not be painting accessories in Centari (whether it be Centari 6000 or similar) as it is one of the top coatings. That would be overkill and work out to be very expensive. Most dupont codes can be transferred to an equally usable and much cheaper dupont product such as SES or EQS (Spraying enamel or equipment enamel). These products are much cheaper, easy to use and offer the same colour and sheen level. They also wear a bit quicker and make newly painted extras a little more realistic in a good way.


Good luck with the project.

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Firstly, many thanks to Tony B and “the Garrison” for your replies and helpful comments which are much appreciated..


I’m not sure whether I might have been making this more complicated for myself than I needed to?


When you say, “It may take a bit to get the formula out of them tho..”, are you referring to the codes themselves? The guys in the States have actually made those available. They are:





According to them, the codes include the right level of ‘flattening’ agent as well as the colour pigments. So, assuming I’ve interpreted your responses properly, does this mean that any automotive paint can be used in making up the right colour paint based on these Dupont codes?


Also, not knowing much about paint myself, what is automotive paint exactly? I’m assuming (as alluded to in responses) that it is always an enamel of sorts? So, on the basis of the above, what is my best bet? Where would be the best place to go with these codes to get some paint made up?


What sort of paint do I ask for, if this is not immediately obvious? Can Dulux, for example, be used to make up the right colours from the Dupont codes? Or, are there Dupont suppliers I’d be better off with?


Apologies.. so many questions.. but I look forward to your views and recommendations..


By the way, this is the sort of end result I am aiming at..




Cheers, Neil

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Best way for Dulux is if you can take something in the colour you want. That's what I do, The Dodges don't quite fit through the doors! :-D Mind you the guys where willing to try. As for formula from Dupont, try phoning and asking. I use the Dulux Metal sheild for metal and plastic and the Wood sheild for the wooden parts. Satin is easier to keep clean than stright matt, and harder wearing. The back of my 51 was done in Wood sheild and has stood up very well to hob nail boots, drunks , ammo boxes and variuos rubbish bags. You can always use a matt varnish if you really want, but in practice mud and dust does the job.

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