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diesel injection cleaners

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looking for advice relating to cleaning the fuel injection system - best products, methods etc., cheers :)


(vehicle in question is the Dodge50-series with Perkins Phaser 110T and a single element-type fuel filter - a slug at the best of times with AWD but something of a superslug at present)

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For a low budget clean,if there is no problem with injectors or system,you can use diesel injection cleaner which you just add into the fuel tank or if replacing the fuel filter put in the filter housing.

You can buy this from most motor factors,some makes are wynns,comma,forte.

The expensive method is remove injectors send away for cleaning/recon.



Hope this helps



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hello Rob, cheers for reply, since last post have been and had a word with AutoMarine, my local diesel injection specialists, and taken one of their bottles of Stanadyne Performance Formula away with me, which on their advice I added to tank, rather than filter (but have heard it suggested that putting Kerosene directly into a new filter gives everything a concentrated blast.)


replaced turbo, which was leaking oil past seals and also cleaned out the lift pump gauze, which was gunged up - apparently there is another small filter/mesh in the top of the Bosch inj. pump, where the feed from filter screws in but it's a bitch to get at with the compressor sitting in front of it and oil filler tube etc. so havn't got it out yet


air filter was checked and given a blow with the compressor - doesn't look that bad and nothing much came out but could probably do with replacing, if only cos it hasn't been done in the last 4-5years (mind you, it's been parked in my yard for over 2 of those - prob full of salt!)


has anyone had injectors cleaned and what did it cost/was it worth it?

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Last time I had any done they were about £25-£30 each and it made a big difference, but I knew it was definitely the injectors causing the problem.

As already stated, start by thoroughly checking your fuel lines, filters, lift pump etc first.

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guess it's a bonus to find/use someone you can trust


thanks for the guide to injector cleaning prices - the fuel filter has been renewed (Perkins Powerpart) and i'm fairly happy the lift pump is now clean and allowing full flow - next on the list will have to be the air filter and inj. pump filter, once I'm sure I have one


if I could be sure the injectors need cleaning, £100 would be a good trade-off for a load more power

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A very good cleaner is the "NULON Diesel Injector Cleaner " , cheaper than messing the injectors in/out

By heavy pollution we replace the fuel filter , and fill it up with half a dose " DIC" , the other half of the bottle goes in the tank

Very good results so far , costs about 14 € for 300 ml:cheesy:

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