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Oil seal removal, front axle case - Series 3 LR


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Hello HMVF - In process of replacing seals/gaskets for the front of my Rover - '75 Series 3 RHD 109' FFR 49GF85. On close inspection, the axle case oil seal appears to be in good condition; as I bought new ones, I am replacing them anyway. What is the best way to remove these (the old set) without destroying them? Thank you - Muskrat - Prescott, Arizona.

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Almost impossible to remove oil-seals without bending (and thus destroying) them. They are driven in with a large flat device, like a big socket, but you can't get behind them to drive out - especially in the end of the axle case.


I wouldn'nt even try - just hoick them out and fit the new ones:shocked:



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