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A possible holiday diversion for you


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Another thread on here has prompted me to put this up.....

....I've put the link below on here to a report on the http://www.derelictplaces.co.uk website regarding an awesome gun emplacement still to be seen in Spain.......

...I first visited the place in 2001 and last in 2006 and back then it was still pretty much intact so I hope it is still now.......if there's any interest I will find the photos and upload a load of mine but for now..........here's another fellas report on his visit posted on Derelict Places........


and here's the sort of 'official' website for them


.... .there are a few other websites if you have a look around the net.......also plenty of info to be found as well.....briefly speaking...it was abandoned by the Spanish Military around 1980 and it's almost like they just walked out and left it one day..... also because of how remote it is it hasn't really suffered too much from the usual UK type vandalism or scrap metal thieving either.......

now if you ever find yourself in that bottom corner of Spain make this an absolute definite day trip .you won't regret a bit of detour to find it believe me........ it's a truly spectacular place....

...you can wander in and out of all the gun emplacements , barracks , canteens , offices , workshops etc to your hearts content...........just make sure you take a damn good torch because there is helluva lot to see and loads of it is underground.....

...take a picnic and enjoy yourself.:-D

..by the way .........if you find your way up through the underground workings actually up into the massive turrets.....(it's easy enough to do but you will probably get totally smot up in grease and oil .well ...I managed to....!)..........

take a close look at the gun breechs......

...stamped on them for all to see........manufactured in good old Great Britain !

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What an amazing place! Nice that it has not yet been trashed. Sad reflection on our values over here.

it really is amazing there mate.....Last time we were in Cartahena area we spent most of everyday up there..the weather was incredible so ...she'd find herself a little spot and get on with the serious business of sunbathing whilst I mooched the entire place.....get back to her for a bit of dinner and a bottle of wine then a bit more mooching in the afternoon!.

hahah..that's my idea of a Spanish sun holiday mate.....

and it has to be admitted...she enjoyed the privacy and piece and quiet being up there way more than sat on an overcrowded beach !

PS: there's another battery on the other side of the Cartahena Bay but I've never had the time to visit that one.....the main guns and installations are the same size as this one which is Cabo Tinoso Battery

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