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Radio Equipment for Dodge


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For x-mas I bought an old TN how to install raio equipment into the wc51/52 as a present for my father. The more I've thought about it, the better the idea sounds. That would surely make the Dodge stand out from the crowd. Does anyone have photos of wc51/52s with radio equipment installed?




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Hi Marty


I also have that Tm 11-2725 manual on how to fit a radio into a dodge.

Early last year i bought a scr-964/bc-1306 fully working to fit into the dodge but have never botherd to fit it. It should be fitted in the centre on one of the back seats but takes up too much room.


The previous owner had a radio fitted at the front wear u get in, i will dig out a photo if i can find it.


Radios look nice but ain't practical if u want to use the back of the dodge.



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I guess I would agree with you. The less the better!


If I had the radio installed this summer, it wouldn't have made my moving that easy. We filled up two Dodges, a Chevy Blazer and a unknown japanese vehicle tha night before we were going to move. The next morning we drove straight in and had everything in place in a day. The neighbours probably wondered about the army colonne. And when my neighbour showed up in his Jeep, I guess the words around were not to mess with us! :-D


We'll see if I run into some cheap non-working radio kits.



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