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Saracen manuals in PDF?


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Does anyone have Saracen manuals they could send me? I have an acquaintance with a Saracen with an issue they are trying to diagnose and I wanted to surprise him with the manuals. I will PM my email addy to keep it private, just let me know.





Welcome to the forum, espescially if you are Saracen inclined! There is a great variety of manuals for the Saracen out there, not all of them easily available. I have been battling with manuals myself but through the kind people on the forum, managed to get hold of a few. What specifcally are you looking for or what are your mate having a problem with? Better yet, help him join the forum, you will do him an even bigger favour! Their are walking encyclopedias on this forum with knowledge not readily found in manuals either!:-D

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I dont have them in pdf form but I have the parts list and unit repairs manuals, the user manual would be fantastic.


As for whats wrong, these guys have a bunch of tanks and apcs and we were talking about all of them and I picked up they were having problems with "something in the dashboard" on the Saracen and were stumped. As the conversation was flowing I didnt get to far into as I was touring all of their collection but I would love to be able to help as they were very generous with their time with me. They arent very internet centric but if they invite me over next time they get into fixing it I will post here with questions.

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