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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Gents, I am on the hunt for a 1919 browning turret cradle/mount for my Alvis Saracen and rear gun ring. Does anyone know where I can find them? Preferably stateside, but will entertain offers across the pond. Below are some photos I have found of the units I am looking for. I also have what I believe to be a complete L37 GPMG mount for trade from a MK6 Saracen if desired. Also interested in blueprints of mounts and can possibly make a few copies for people if demand is high enough once I have my own or prints.....
  2. Hello! I’m in need of some assistance, I’m after finding and contacting the current owner of the Saracen 96 BA 69 as my grandfather used to drive it when he was a lancer around 74 and would like to see it again! I know he used to go by the username Mettlen as I saw in some posts but no contact for him or anything and he was last seen online in 2016! Help! Many Thanks.
  3. Hi guys Saw this on the Saracen Facebook Group page - if anyone's interested Rob Dove at Rapid Military Vehicle Restoration is your man and he's on 07812 832342. Cheers Graham
  4. Hi guys. I’ve received another batch of brand new “In Detail” books and they are excellent – really enjoying them! The titles I’ve got are as follows: The Saladin in Detail costs £17 The Dingo in Detail is £16 The Ferret in Detail costs £27 The Centurion in Detail Part 1 (Mk3, 5 and 6) costs £24 The Centurion in Detail Part 2 (Mk12, ARV, AVRE-165 +) costs £23 I also have a handful of Pat Ware’s top Ferret book, ‘The FV700 series in British Army Service’, at £69 and one copy of Bill Munro’s ‘Alvis Saracen Family’ at £35. Again, these are brand new. All these prices exclude postage. If you’d like any copies or more info, please PM me or email gg@motorcycleresults.com – and please do let me know which country you’re based in, so I can let you know the cost for postage too. Any questions, do please give me a shout, cheers, Graham
  5. I was browsing through the IWM archives and stumbled upon these. Not many registration numbers visible, just one partial for a Humber ___K08, and Saracen 83BA31, __BA09, 82BA85, 82BA87 and Land Rover 04DM24 . Still, thought it might be of interest. The depot still exists, although in much modified form. Although captioned as Takali, the area is in Attard, 2 miles south of Takali. Anyone with a better zoom can possibly drag up some more Humber registrations https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205098903 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205098903 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205098877 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205098900 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205098733
  6. So, I have two plug removal tools in my possession. One for sure is the Ferret fluid flywheel tool, in these photos it is the lower one and the one with the external hex shape on the end. The other one is of the same style of design but the plug it removes is a larger one and the tool has a different FV number. What is this other tool for, I would love to know as it is driving me potty
  8. Hello, new to the forums but been lurking for the past few months. A group of friends and myself have acquired some time ago an old Alvis Saracen FV611 ambulance used in the 1995 Judge dredd stallone film in various scenes. It's had extensive modification to the hull and bodywork and had panels either cut out or welded on to make it look more 'futuristic'. Unfortunately after filming it had no engine covers or front sealed hull so 20 odd years outside in all british weathers hasn't done it any favours and it's in a state. We've started restoring it to 'screen condition' and the wealth of information on here has been a huge help, but we're planning to get it road legal and registered and unfortunately it's got NO documents at all associated with it and doesn't appear to have ever been registered with the DVLA. I checked the list of vehicles on here but I didn't see it listed, it's military reg is 82BA48. I've already spoken to the DVLA and they advised me I'll need: MOD form 654 (bluecast) OR written evidence from defence sales agency OR certificate of origin I rang the MOD but got passed around a bit and nobody seemed much help, can someone offer any advice? We found some stampings on the chassis under the fuel tank and are hoping it's the VIN/chassis number for the V55/5. Please advise if you know what it means? WB&C. 1955 PLT 3853C IT 130
  9. It's a bit cold in the garage so thoughts turn to 1/35th! I am about to start building a Saracen as per a photograph on the A&SH webpage circa 1960 in Lemgo (http://argylls1945to1971.co.uk/AandSH_Lemgo1959to62.htm) is there any way of telling if it is a Mark 1 with the twin rear door turret or a Mark 2 with the single? Thanks
  10. Hi All, I have been reading this forum for a long time, but now that I've finally bought myself an AFV, I thought I'd better create an account and introduce myself. My name is Terry, I work in IT, and live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've very recently bought myself a MK 5 Saracen (it arrived 3 days ago and I still haven't stopped grinning), which is in rather good condition, and am in the process of sorting out servicing procedures, club registration and a Heavy Rigid truck license to drive it before I can drive it on the road. I hope to have all of that sorted out in the next month or so, and certainly before Christmas. Thanks for having me on this forum and I'm sure you'll see me posting lots of stupid questions in the near future as I try to wrap my head around this crazy awesome purchase of mine (hell, it took me almost 10 minutes today to work out how to turn off the hand brake and that was after reading the user manual!) Cheers, Terry
  11. Two Alvis Saracens FV603 in the War & Peace Arena - Inc Slow Motion YSJ618 & UAS106 (Reverse Flow) Something went wrong...
  12. Now the proud owner of a Saracen ACV and have spent the last two days tinkering and finding my way round it. Has anybody got a list of types of lubricants used with what type goes where please, i.e what oil goes in the bevel boxes, gearbox, fluid flywheel, hydraulic tank (is marked OMD 30) is this ordinary hydraulic oil? Any help would be appreciated. Also -- have any of you ACV owners got any photos you could share of the inside and various fittings please. Mine is uparmoured and doesn't have a turret
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if you can fit a B80 engine into an commercial engine stand, such as the one shown below? Thanks in anticipation:D
  14. Interesting program on BBC4 last thursday, called "Bomb Squad Men: The long walk". About bomb diposal in Northern Ireland Still 2 days to catch it on iplayer Quite a bit of Saracen and Humber Pig footage, amongst others. MT
  15. Does anyone have Saracen manuals they could send me? I have an acquaintance with a Saracen with an issue they are trying to diagnose and I wanted to surprise him with the manuals. I will PM my email addy to keep it private, just let me know. Thanks, Chris
  16. Hi everyone, I've all but bought an Alvis Saracen APC however it needs to be running to get it up my field and I can't start it. It was last running about 18 months ago, however now it will only turn over and will not actually fire up. I think it might be the coil. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else had this problem in the past? Cheers! James S-Wright
  17. Good morning guys... my name is Rodney Dial, I am a Lt. with the Alaska State Troopers based in Ketchikan Alaska and prior military, US Army Ranger. I recently purchased a Saracen #418 and have been reading all the tips on this site from the experts for days. Great infomation. The only question I have at this time that I was hoping someone could help me with is checking the fluid flywheel. I was looking for the access port to check the oil level and was wondering... is that the one under the front drivers seat? if so, do I need to remove the seat to check the levels? I am sure I may have other questions later, but am going through my manuals and learning all I can to take special care of this vehicle. I sure do like the way the RR engine purrs, nice bit of British engineering. Thanks Rodney
  18. Hi All, I'm an ex-mod civilian who completed a 4 year aeronautical apprenticeship at RAF St Athan, subsequently working on Tornado aircraft. I've worked on a number of forces projects over the years including submarines and the red arrows. Flying is my first love but I've also always liked military armour. I had been looking for a Saracen or Saladin for a while. As many of you have noted a Saracen recently came up on ebay which I'm now the owner. It is MKII Saracen and is now located in St Albans. My aim is to restore it in time for next years War and Peace show. I would really like to make contact with others in the locality who have a saracen that is up and running and/or under restoration and gain the benefit of their experience. I look forward to making contact with as many like minded people as possible! Many Thanks
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